Penile Surgery

Penile Surgery

Penile surgeryPenile surgery for a penis implant is just one of many penis surgery procedures that are treated at our Miami urology center. For penis cancer we use cryotherapy, laser surgery, microsurgery, circumcision, partial penectomy and radical penectomy and adjunct therapies include external beam radiation and temporary radiation implants, chemotherapy, biological therapy, and radiosensitizers medication.

Penile surgery for Peyronie’s disease includes surgical removal of plaque and scar tissue, and penile prosthesis implant surgery. In emergency surgery, penis fracture entails repairing the corpus cavernousum and broken blood vessels. Penile surgery options to remove growths on the penis include electro cauterization, a CO2 laser procedure, and cryosurgery.

Penile surgery for priapism may be needed to remove the retention of blood in the penis. When other approaches fail and if the erection has lasted for a long time then a small tube will be inserted to divert the flow of blood back into the body. If phimosis is the cause of infections or too much scaring then a small slit in the foreskin or a circumcision may be warranted.

Our experienced medical staff will treat you with compassionate and confidential service. Our doctors, medical technicians, and supporting staff will make your stay informed and relaxed, along with seeing to any follow-up appointments that you may need. Penis problems have been labeled by the medical industry due to being analyzed as the source of the specific problem but to the layman, it can be very unclear. For example when urinating there may be stinging or burning in the penis. Doctors know that most of the time the urinary symptoms of stinging and burning can be caused by a urinary tract infection (UTI). Since it hurts in the penis it makes sense that you would think that you have a penis problem. Since the urinary tract infection can be located in any part of the urinary system such as the kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate, and urethra the penis pain needs to be stopped by having our medical staff analyze the location and type of microbe in order to give you the correct medication that will stop the UTI, and therefore stop the pain in the penis. When urine comes out slowly or not at all often the problem resides in your penis such a urethral stricture or an enlarged prostate. So it is normal when a person asks about their penis problem and the doctor or website starts to point out the urethra, prostate and urinary tract infections. So let’s go to the following pages that will describe penis problems and we will also point out what can be mistakenly misconstrued as a penis problem.


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Penile Surgery
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