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Penile surgery for erectile dysfunctionPenile surgery for erectile dysfunction causes is diagnosed and performed by Dr. Gheiler in the Miami Urology Specialist Center. For men that are unable to have an erection or maintain an erection long enough for sex on a consistent basis, Dr. Gheiler can look at your medical history and give you a checkup to find what the erectile dysfunction causes are. In the majority of cases circulatory problems either do not get enough blood into the corpus cavernousum of the penis or do not allow the buildup of blood in the spongy corpus cavernousum. High blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease can often be the major impotence causes. Neurological disorders can also contribute to erectile dysfunction along with obesity and psychological problems.

Penile surgery to implant a penile prosthesis is usually performed after other methods have been tried such as getting high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and heart disease under control with diet and exercise and possibly medication. In an ultrasound study that is performed at the Urology Specialist Center the blood flow in the penis can be visualized with Doppler. This ultrasound Doppler blood flow test can determine if vasculogenic impotence exists or not. This helps determine the best course of action to correct the erectile dysfunction.

There are mechanical and electrical penile vacuum pumps that decrease pressure on the penis which allows it to fill with blood to acquire an erection. There are many medications that are available to cause an erection some are taken orally such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra while others are injected into the penis or slipped into the urethra like a suppository. Before taking any medication your medical status determines what medications not to use since it could drop your blood pressure down to a dangerous level. Dr. Gheiler will help you determine what dose you should start out on and work with you to get the right dosage. Some men should not take these medications and that is when a penile implant could be the answer. 

Penile surgery can be just the solution that is needed in many situations. Penile implant surgery becomes appropriate when it is determined that you have vasculogenic impotence, a spinal cord injury, you are not able to take erectile dysfunction medications, or you have had urologic surgery that has damaged the nerves controlling your erection. When the decision to have the penile prosthesis implanted is made you have two choices of implants. One implant is called a malleable implant which is two rigid rods placed into the corpus cavernousum that can be manually bent when not in use and straightened out when in use. This requires less manual dexterity but is noticeable when not having sex. The other implant is the inflatable implant which consists of to a two soft Bioflex cylinders placed into the corpus cavernousum, a fluid reservoir placed into the abdomen, and a pump hidden in the scrotum. By squeezing the pump a few times the implant fills up and becomes hard giving you an erection with the implant still being unnoticeable and giving it a natural look. Press a button and the soft Bioflex cylinders deflate making the implant go down again not being able to be noticed.


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